American Gold Buffalo Coin

American Gold Buffalo Coin

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The American Gold Buffalo coin comes loaded with American nostalgia and history. Designed by the American master sculptor James Earl Fraser, these gold bullion coins are famous for their enduring images.


The obverse of the American Gold Buffalo coin depicts a Native American, whom Fraser said was created as a mixture of three chiefs from different tribes.


On the reverse stands an American Byson atop a mound of dirt. The bison depicted is believed to be one called Black Diamond who lived in the New York City Central Park Zoo during the 1910s.

So popular is the Indian Head, that it was chosen for the US mints purest gold bullion coin collection.

**Coin sold will be of mixed years and all in good condition**

Thickness 2.95mm
Weight 31.1grams
Purity 999,9
Diameter 32.7mm
Price Qty
€ 1247.43

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