Gold British Sovereign Coin

Gold British Sovereign Coin

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Introduced in 1816, the British Sovereign came to become the most widely distributed of all gold bullion coins. The British Sovereign Gold Coin grew with the British Empire. The name Sovereign comes from the large size and portraiture on the coin.


The inverse of the British Sovereign gold coin portrays the reigning monarch (sovereign, hence the name) of the United Kingdom.
The die cast is changed in-sync as the British monarchy changes.


On the obverse, all these gold bullion coins portray Pistrucci’s St George, slaying the dragon. Saint George is the patron Saint of England and his slaying of the dragon is a thing of legend. The obverse also features the date of the gold bullion coin.

**Coin sold will be of mixed years and all in good condition**

Thickness 1.52mm
Weight 7.98grams
Purity .917
Diameter 22.05mm
Price Qty
€ 293.30

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