Why buy Gold Bullion in Ireland?

Some will ask what the benefits are when they buy gold bullion in Ireland. Here are three reasons why gold bullion is a solid investment, whatever the financial climate.

1.The Oldest Currency

Gold is the oldest currency in the world. Throughout history, institutions and governments have relied upon gold to protect them from inflation or falling currency values. Gold’s value stems from the fact that it is an incredibly rare metal. It cannot be debased and it is extremely durable.

2.Financial Security

In times of war and financial instability, gold offers a safe haven for those looking to protect their wealth. Given Ireland’s current economic situation, this has never been more relevant. Financial advisors recommend having a percentage of your assets invested in gold.


Gold has no nationality. It is easily transportable to countries around the world where it will hold the same or similar value to its country of origin. Buy gold bullion in Ireland and it will act as both a safe haven against financial crisis and an investment that could prove to pay dividends in the future. Irish Gold Bullion make the process of investing in gold simple, secure and convenient.

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Why Buy Gold in Ireland?

Gold is a sound economic investment in all economic climates. To find out more, click here.


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